Board Operations

Director of Board Operations: Effie Hawthorne

The Board Operations division oversees preparation for all parole, pardon, restoration of voting rights, and remission of fines and forfeiture consideration by the Board of Pardons and Paroles. The division is made up of several units listed below, each performing essential tasks for the Bureau.

Docket Unit

This unit encompasses the following divisions: Intake, File Room, and Final Review. Employees of this unit are responsible for processing each inmate after they enter the Department of Corrections to determine if and when they are eligible for parole consideration. They compile all necessary information to determine an inmate’s eligibility date according to Alabama law. The unit also maintain all inmate files awaiting parole consideration, including inmate correspondence and any statements in support of parole. The unit is also responsible for setting hearings for all non-victim cases once the inmate is eligible, as well as sending parole denial letters following each Board hearing. Finally, the unit provides the final review for all parole files for accuracy and compliance with the law prior to each hearing.

Manager: Gabrelle Simmons

Notifications Unit

Employees of this unit are responsible for locating and notifying any victims and stakeholders of an inmate’s upcoming parole consideration. Per Alabama law, the Bureau is required to send 30 days’ notice any victim named in the indictment as well as the following: the Attorney General, the judge who presided over the case or his/her successor, the district attorney who prosecuted the case or his/her successor, the chief of police in the municipality in which the crime occurred if the crime was committed in an incorporated area with a police department or his/her successor, the sheriff of the county where convicted or his/her successor, the same officials listed above for the county where the crime occurred if different than the county of conviction or their successors, and the Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission. The unit is also responsible for setting hearings for all victim cases once the inmate is eligible.

Manager: Jerald Jackson

Institutional Parole Officers (IPO) Unit

The unit is responsible for interviewing all inmates eligible for parole consideration and preparing a report per Alabama law for review by the Board. The unit also assists in processing inmates eligible for mandatory release once they have been determined to be eligible by the Department of Corrections per Alabama law.

Manager: Scott Perkins

Parole Releases Unit

Employees of this unit are responsible for processing all inmates granted parole by the Board. They confirm an inmate’s home plan, provide the inmate with a copy of the conditions of parole, and coordinate with the Department of Corrections for the inmate’s release. They also coordinate with the Bureau’s Field Operations division to ensure the inmate’s supervision plan is in place.

Manager: Gabrelle Simmons

Pardons Unit

Employees of this unit are responsible for processing all applications for voting rights restoration, pardons, and remission of fines and forfeitures. They coordinate with the Bureau’s field offices to complete the required investigations for each application. They are also responsible for setting all pardon and remission consideration hearings and providing notice of these hearings as required by Alabama law.

Manager: Stephanie Stewart