Victims’ Rights

During recent years, the public has expressed its concerns that offender rights should be balanced by victim rights. This has been demonstrated by passage of a number of laws on behalf of victims which impact upon this department. Victims of violent crimes and families of children who have been abused are notified prior to an inmate’s being granted a pardon or parole by the Board. The victim’s right to be present at the scheduled hearing and to express their concerns in person and in writing to the Board is provided by law. Written information may be sent to the board via U.S. mail or faxed to Board Operations at (334) 353-7701.

If you express your concerns in writing to the Board, this material is protected by a confidentiality law. If you want to participate in the parole hearing, it is extremely important to keep our Victims’ Service Office informed of your current address.

If you know someone who is a victim or family member of a victim of a violent crime that occurred in AL, you can assist by providing this information to them.

Act. 2011-681, passed by the Alabama Legislature, allows victims to receive information regarding the offender who harmed you or your loved ones and his or her upcoming hearing before the Alabama board of Pardons and Parole. By registering with Alabama Crime Victim Automated Notification system ( AlabamaCAN ), you CAN assert your rights, CAN stay informed, and CAN receive advance notice of an offender’s parole hearing(s). As an alternative to the website, you may fill out the Crime Victim Automated Information System Information Form (click here, print it, and return it to your local District Attorney’s office.

Register at

Victim Information

In September 1985, a victim impact category was added to all reports of investigation, except in capital cases, completed by the department’s probation and parole officers. This was done to ensure that the courts and the Parole Board understood the impact of the crime upon the victim when making decisions regarding probation and parole of offenders.

A victim impact report form is sent to the victim by mail. If the victim wishes, he/she may return the completed report to the probation and parole office to be included with the report of investigation. That report provides the decision-makers with the victim’s personal input.

Hearing Waiting Area

After sign in, persons attending a hearing may proceed to a waiting room. There is a waiting room for the representatives and family of the offenders and a separate waiting room for victims, families of the victims, and/or their representatives.


After sentencing, this agency, through its probation officers, enforces all court orders of restitution while the offender is on probation. The Parole Board further requires payment of court-ordered restitution to be a part of the conditions of any release on parole.