Pardons & Restoration of Voting Rights

Restoration of Voting Rights

Pardon Information

Investigations for Pardons, Voter Rights Restoration, and Remissions of Fines and Forfeitures are conducted by the Pardon Unit upon receipt of an application. 

To make application for one of the above, an applicant may apply by one of the following methods: 
     1)      Contacting the State Probation and Parole Office in the area the applicant lives. 
     2)      Contacting the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles by telephone and asking to speak with the Pardon Unit staff. 
     3)      Contacting the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles in writing
     4)      Contacting the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles electronically.
The application should include all of the following information: 
     a)      Name under which convicted 
     b)      True name 
     c)      Sex and race 
     d)      Date of birth 
     e)      Social Security Number 
     f)       AIS# (Alabama Prison #, if you have one) 
     g)      Current physical address (including county) 
     h)      Current mailing address (if different from physical address) 
     i)       Indicate if the conviction was a State or Federal Conviction 
     j)       Home telephone number (including area code) 
     k)      Work or alternate telephone number (including area code) 
     l)       Complete list of convictions, county of convictions and year of convictions. 

NOTE: The applicant should indicate if they are only interested in a pardon, restoration of voting rights or both a pardon and restoration of voting rights.

If the applicant is interested in a pardon, he/she should indicate if he/she needs a misdemeanor pardoned for purposes of obtaining a license (such as bonding or nursing, etc). If this is not indicated, it will be assumed that the applicant is only interested in having felony convictions pardoned.

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