Griffith Waller

Assistant Director for Governmental Affairs

Griffith “Griff” Waller proudly serves as the Assistant Director for Governmental Affairs for the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles. In this role, he provides insights and updates from the state legislature while working with members of the Alabama House of Representatives and the Alabama State Senate to further the mission of the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles. He also collaborates with other state agencies and stakeholders to support the Bureau with governmental affairs.

Waller previously served as the Director of Communications for the City of Montgomery and Mayor Steven L. Reed, where he implemented a strategic and cohesive approach to improve engagement and the flow of information to residents, businesses and neighbors in the River Region while managing communications and outreach amid myriad crises.

He also helped orchestrate the City of Montgomery’s communications response to COVID-19, which received the Center for Digital Government’s Government Experience Award. Additionally, he served as a city liaison on several boards and initiatives that brought together local and state leaders to enhance quality of life and development in the region.

Waller received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences from The University of Alabama in 2010. He began a career in public affairs which included work for corporate and nonprofit entities in Washington, D.C., and Dallas, Texas. He is married to Bailey Waller. The couple has two toddlers.