Tasika Fielder

Personnel Director

The Personnel Director is responsible for providing personnel administrative support and/or consultation relating to position management, classification, recruitment, employee relations, interview/selection, appointment process, performance appraisal, disciplinary and other personnel-related issues. The Personnel Director reviews and ensures compliance with various employment statues, rules, and policies. The Personnel Director is responsible for various programs such as: FMLA, Military Leave, Donated Leave, State Employees Injury and Compensation Trust Fund, and Employee Assistance Program. 

Tasika Fielder has served as the Personnel Director for the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles since December 2019. She began her career with the State of Alabama in 2000 and has worked in several agencies, including the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation, Administrative Office of Courts, Department of Transportation, and Department of Human Resources. 

Ms. Fielder graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management.