Probation and Parole Officer Trainee (60899)

Due to passed legislation, we are seeking to improve our ranks of Probation and Parole Officers. Please follow this link to the Alabama State Personnel Department to obtain information on this classification/opportunity: https://personnel.alabama.gov/Jobs#60899000

In addition, if you are not currently an APOSTC “Certified” Alabama law enforcement Officer, and you are selected for employment, you will be required to attend a 13-week Law Enforcement Academy within six months of your appointment. It is a challenging endeavor. Therefore, a pre-agility / ability physical test will be performed as a part of our “initial” Interview / Selection process. This means that you MUST be able to successfully accomplish several physical activities to include completing push-ups, sit-ups, a 1½ mile run, scaling a 6-foot wall/fence, and dragging a 165-lb. dummy, all of which are timed events. There is NO difference in standards for males or females. Please keep this in mind before applying. On average, our interview candidate pool is generally reduced by 40-60 % due to this initial physical testing. Men/women who are currently serving in the Guard/Reserve components normally have a high rate of success in completing these activities. Questions may be directed to the following: questions@paroles.alabama.gov

Please follow this link to the Alabama State Personnel Department to obtain more information on this classification/opportunity: Probation and Parole Officer Trainee (60899)

Application may be made by using an official application for examination form which may be obtained from the State Personnel Department.

To learn more about the mission, responsibilities, and requirements of a Probation and Parole officer, please check out the booklet Probation and Parole Officers – The Professionals.

To learn more about the benefits available to a Probation and Parole Officer, please check out the booklet Officer Benefits.