Commission on Reentry: State Leaders Continue Strategizing Recidivism Reduction

Leaders from State of Alabama agencies met today for the third Commission on Reentry meeting. The Commission discussed additional ways to establish a unified understanding of recidivism – when previously incarcerated individuals return to prison. Members also resumed discussion about data sharing from the previous meeting. They identified what statistics were important for their affiliated agencies to fulfill their missions.   

The topic of data led to the discussion of reentry programming and services. Each agency plans to share relevant programs and services they provide at the next meeting.

Commission Chairman Cam Ward said, “It will be educational for individual agencies to learn from each other and share how we can coordinate our services.”

Subcommittees were announced at the end of the meeting. These are designed to evaluate and develop a process for the entry, flow and connectivity of criminal justice data systems.

Members of the Commission include Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn, Ingram State Technical College President Annette Funderburk, Senator Will Barfoot, and Representative Connie Rowe, along with leaders from the Alabama Department of Mental Health, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs, the Alabama Department of Labor, Medicaid, and the Governor’s Office. Additional representatives at the meeting included Alabama Department of Human Resources and District Attorneys Association & Office of Prosecution Services.

The primary goal of the Commission, adapted from Section 3 of Alabama Senate Bill 221, is identifying, implementing, and promoting evidence-based research, policies, strategies, and programming to support successful reentry and reintegration.

Additional meetings are planned, and important developments from the Commission will be reported in future releases.

Commission on Reentry sharing ideas for reducing recidivism in Alabama
Left to right: Senator Will Barfoot and Deputy Director of Parolee Rehabilitation Rebecca Bensema
Commission on Reentry Chairman Cam Ward
Alabama Department of Labor Commissioner Fitzgerald Washington
Ingram State Technical College President Annette Funderburk