Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles to Begin Statewide Electronic Monitoring Program

The Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles is preparing to begin a statewide electronic monitoring program capable of monitoring up to 4,000 people per year beginning in January 2023. Act 2021-549 by Representative Jim Hill requires a certain population of participants on parole to be electronically monitored for an amount of time determined by the Director of the Bureau. Additional, non-mandatory supervision recipients of electronic monitoring will be determined by the Board. High risk individuals will likely receive longer, more intense monitoring, with intensity decreasing by risk level.

While this population is expected to be close to 400 people in 2022-23, the Bureau plans to expand that number up to 10 times that amount based upon risk assessment. Ultimately, electronic monitoring will be another effective tool the Bureau can use for reducing recidivism.

“Public safety is the number one priority of the Bureau of Pardons and Paroles. This tool will greatly assist us in monitoring those on probation and parole on a 24-hour basis,” said Director Cam Ward. Ward said this service will entirely be paid for by the agency and not the individual being monitored.

The Bureau is currently involved in an electronic monitoring program which supervises more than 150 people. Electronic monitoring will be conducted using field parole officers when the program goes into effect. 183 officers have been trained to effectively use electronic monitoring, and the Bureau plans to develop a dedicated team of officers and employees solely to conduct electronic monitoring.