Experienced Monroeville Field Office Staff Takes Probationer and Parolee Support Seriously

By Matthew Estes, Communications Director

MONROEVILLE, Ala – On Wednesday, August 17, I visited the Monroeville Field Office in Monroe County. Located downtown at 36 North Alabama Avenue, across from the historic Monroe County Courthouse, this field office provides centralized access to the needs of the county’s probationers and parolees.

District 1B Manager John Brantley introduced me to each of the office’s four employees: Officer-in-Charge Matthew Jernigan, Officer Heather Koerner, Senior Specialist Toshia Pate and Administrative Support Assistant III Wendy Blanton. Each employee shares a long history of law enforcement experience and state service. OIC Jernigan has served at three different field offices, while Officer Koerner has an extensive background in investigation with law enforcement roles in both Alabama and Texas.

“We are fortunate to have a lot of experience between Officers Jernigan and Koerner,” Brantley said. “Both are well-versed in what they do.” Additionally, Specialist Pate worked with community corrections before coming to the Bureau, and ASA Blanton has more than 15 years of experience in state service.  

The Monroeville staff is serious about supporting probationers and parolees. “I love seeing them better themselves,” said Officer Koerner. She listed employment assistance, access to mental health treatment, and a focus on follow-up meetings as ways to reduce the likelihood of a client reoffending. She also likes to provide certificates and awards when they accomplish big goals.

The employees of the office also appreciate the efforts of ASA Blanton, whose diligence with day-to-day administrative needs streamlines the operations of the office. “You don’t have to tell her what to do,” Brantley said, “She’s serious about her job.”

The Bureau has 62 field offices, serving all Alabama counties. Field offices function as a local base of operations for Probation and Parole Officers, specialists and other support staff. Officers are required to make various contacts with probationers and parolees based on their risk level. These contacts range from a monthly office visit for lower risk individuals to weekly office, home, employment and curfew checks for higher risk individuals. In addition, officers are tasked with various types of investigations requested by the Bureau or courts, as well as assisting other law enforcement agencies when needed.

From left: Administrative Support Assistant III Wendy Blanton, Officer Heather Koerner, District 1B Manager John Brantley, Senior Specialist Toshia Pate.
Officer Heather Koerner (left) with Senior Specialist Toshia Pate.
Administrative Support Assistant III Wendy Blanton
Monroeville Field Office exterior.
Monroeville Field Office interior.
Monroeville Field Office interior.