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Board Comments on Birmingham Field Office Relocation

August 22, 2019

Board Comments on Birmingham Field Office Relocation

Montgomery, AL – In response to questions and concerns about the Birmingham City Field
Office relocation, the Board of Pardons and Paroles releases the following statement:

On August 1, 2019, upon the expiration of its original ten-year lease, the Alabama Board of
Pardons and Paroles began its field office operations at 2176 Parkway Lake Drive, in Hoover,
Shelby County. The decision to relocate to a different property had been made in October 2017,
with the goal of providing a more modern facility for our officers and clients. This was
accomplished with the relocation, and at a less expensive monthly rent.

However, we recognize the hardship that this move places on our clients, particularly a large
population with limited access to reliable transportation options. We understand that this is not
an optimal arrangement without certain accommodations. The ABPP is attempting to swiftly
alleviate this issue in the following two ways.

First, we are finalizing plans to utilize the lower-level courtroom of the Jefferson County
Courthouse as a temporary location for the monthly reporting of probationers and parolees until a
satellite office is established in Jefferson County.

Secondly, we are pursuing a satellite office to be housed in the current Birmingham Day
Reporting Center location, approximately two miles from the Jefferson County Courthouse.

We hope these immediate efforts will address some of the concerns that this relocation has
caused. We will send out additional communications when these plans are finalized.