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Board Comments on Governor Ivey’s Statement Regarding Thomasville Facility

June 14, 2019

Board Comments on Governor Ivey’s Statement Regarding Thomasville

Montgomery, AL- In response to Governor Ivey’s statement concerning the
Agency’s Thomasville Transition Facility, the Board of Pardons and Paroles
submits the attached comment for release.

The Board of Pardons & Paroles is attentive to the concerns of Thomasville residents. We also
realize that these concerns arose several months ago because of a previous incident. We have been
working diligently with the State Finance and Purchasing Departments to increase security measures at
the L.I.F.E. Tech facility as requested by Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day and Governor Ivey. We
recognize that the delay in obtaining the necessary state contracts for these measures has been
inexcusable to the people of Thomasville and surrounding communities and their leaders. Over the last
24 hours, we have been working diligently with State Finance and Purchasing Directors under the
supervision and approval of Governor Ivey to respond urgently to these concerns.

As of today, GPS electronic monitoring equipment and service has been purchased and will be available
to add an additional layer of security to our L.I.F.E. Tech Thomasville re-entry facility within the next 7-
14 days. Formal approval of a full perimeter fence for L.I.F.E. Tech has been obtained. We expect this
project to move to construction very soon. These purchases have been made possible through the
immediate assistance of these departments and Governor Ivey’s swift approval to get necessary
contracts completed through special emergency procedures. The concerns of Thomasville and
surrounding communities are our primary focus as we work to bring these new security measures online
as expeditiously as possible.

Our agency’s leaders will be accessible to Thomasville leaders throughout this process in the days and
weeks ahead as we work together to address citizen concerns.

Finally, we will continue open communication with the Governor’s office and each of these departments
to prevent the occurrence of similar delays in the future.