Parole Denied to Four Violent Offenders | Jan. 7, 2020

Montgomery, Al. –  The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles denied parole Tuesday to four violent offenders and granted parole to one.

Parole hearings scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 7:
(Sentencing information from the Alabama Department of Corrections public website.)

  • PAROLE DENIED: Darren Dwight Anderton is a sex offender. The Marshall County Sheriff told WAFF Television Sept. 9, 2010 that Anderton sexually abused a five-year-old girl. He was sentenced to four years in 1996 for that first-degree sexual abuse and two years for criminal possession of a forged instrument. WAFF reported Anderton was arrested in Marshall County in 2010 for failing to register as a sex offender. He was granted probation, but media reported that he was arrested on May 21, 2013 on a probation revocation case. Anderton is currently serving a 17-year prison sentence for having twice violated the sex offender registration law in Cullman County in 2014. He has served less than six years of his 17-year prison sentence.
  • PAROLE DENIED: Timothy Lee McNeese has violated both parole and probation during a long criminal career that has seen him convicted of crimes in Madison County seven times. He was first convicted in 1999 for theft of property and given a one-year sentence. McNeese was sentenced in 2001 to 15 years for second-degree burglary and resentenced to five years for the 1999 theft of property conviction. In 2012 McNeese was sentenced to 15 years for a criminal possession of a forged instrument case from 2008 and a fraudulent use of a credit card case from 2007. He was paroled but then sent back to prison for violating parole. Public records show he was granted probation for one of his crimes but was arrested in 2013 by Huntsville Police for violating the terms of his probation. After being released from prison yet again, he was sent back to confinement in March 2019 for five years after being convicted on two counts of drug possession.  He has served just 10 months of the five-year prison term.
  • PAROLE GRANTED: Esteban Altamirano Jr. was sentenced in 2015 to 10 years for trafficking cannabis, and three years each for convictions for drug possession and obstruction of justice, all in Marshall County. He was given probation but was arrested May 10, 2015 by the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office for violating the terms of his probation, along with two bail jumping felonies, according to the news organization QuadCitiesDaily.com. Altamirano has served only half the 10-year prison term.
  • PAROLE DENIED: Mark Steven Boshell is a parole violator who has been convicted of crimes in Walker County eight times. He was sentenced in 1998 to three years for third-degree burglary. Just five months after he was sentenced, Boshell was paroled. He was back in trouble again a few months later when he was arrested for criminal mischief. In 2002 he was sentenced to five years for theft of property and two drug convictions, and three years for the 1999 criminal mischief case. Boshell was convicted again on two drug charges in 2004 and sentenced to six years. He was charged with manufacturing a controlled substance in Walker County and was sentenced in 2014 to 20 years in prison. He has served less than seven years of that 20-year prison sentence.
  • PAROLE DENIED: Mark Andrew Jones was sentenced in 2012 to 15 years in prison for trafficking methamphetamines and manufacturing a controlled substance in Houston County. In 2012 he was arrested for drug possession and sentenced to a third 15-year prison term. He has served eight years, seven months of the 15-year term.