Criminal Justice Day: Bureau’s Officers Committed to Enhancing Public Safety

By Jakiya Dudley, Digital Media Specialist

Alexander City, Ala. — On Wednesday, Dec. 13, local community leaders including Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles officers spoke at the Leadership Lake Martin Criminal Justice Day seminar in Alexander City to give insight on their involvement in public safety. 

Officer Michael Waldrop, who has served as a law enforcement officer for over 20 years explained the importance of parole officers in the criminal justice system. “Our duty as parole officers is a crucial part of the criminal justice system,” he said. “We ensure public safety by providing rehabilitation to offenders through close guidance and monitoring.”

Expanding on Officer Waldrop’s statement, Alexander City Field Officer-in-Charge Dustin Wallace said, “We make efforts to assist parolees with reintegrating seamlessly into society. Our guidance helps reduce the likelihood of them reoffending.”

Officer Wallace informed the audience about the positive effects associated with supporting parolees. By holding them accountable, supporting them in making positive life decisions, and connecting them to resources and services, ABPP officers contribute to public safety and recidivism reduction, which promotes positive outcomes for our community.

“All in all, we uphold public safety by fostering positive decisions and routines within our clients, which ultimately promotes law-abiding behavior,” Waldrop concluded.

The Bureau respectfully acknowledges each Alabama public safety agency working diligently to protect and serve our state. We are also grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Lake Martin Criminal Justice Day seminar and provide educational tips on the numerous efforts made to strengthen the safety of our community. To learn more about Lake Martin Criminal Justice, visit: https://www.alexcitychamber.com/leadership-lake-martin.

Officer-in-Charge Dustin Wallace and Officer Michael Waldrop

Officer-in-Charge Dustin Wallace and Officer Michael Waldrop