Parole Decisions for Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 20 parole hearings Tuesday, June 4, granting five paroles and denying 15. The Board continued three to a later date. The Board also held 10 hearings on requests for pardons, granting six and denying four.

Parole Hearings
Grant: 5
Deny: 15
Continue: 3

Pardon Hearings
Grant: 6
Deny: 4

The hearing minutes document for this date is now available here.

The list below contains the names of the inmates considered for parole Tuesday, June 4 along with their county or counties of conviction and the parole board’s decision. News organizations can go to the Alabama Department of Corrections inmate database and search by the AIS number listed below for details on the inmates’ records of offenses.

Last NameFirst, MiddleAIS#Hearing DateCounty/Counties of Conviction     Parole Decision
BergThomas John27154806/04/2024MobileDenied
CarterDavid Keith14168206/04/2024St. Clair, JeffersonDenied
ChildsFrank Edward12344206/04/2024HoustonDenied
CongoJackie Dale23393506/04/2024MorganGranted
CornelisonChristian Emer24253406/04/2024MadisonContinued
DannellySteven Hubert18077406/04/2024MontgomeryDenied
FosterMarcus Jay24891206/04/2024BaldwinGranted
FriendLori Rae30455806/04/2024Madison, LimestoneDenied
FulpherTrace Lakith Robe27153306/04/2024Lee, PikeContinued
HayesJoshua Steton33469606/04/2024WinstonDenied
HenryPaul Edgar29706006/04/2024ChambersDenied
JonesKenneth Gerald Jr28165906/04/2024LeeDenied
PeavyJames Tyler26611806/04/2024EscambiaDenied
PrenticeJoseph Paul33118006/04/2024TalladegaDenied
RampeyJerome Morris18233806/04/2024Lee, BaldwinContinued
SummerfordDustin Keith32901206/04/2024JacksonGranted
TuckerJonathan Lee24846906/04/2024Cherokee, DekalbDenied
TurnerDavion Quwintel21760806/04/2024MobileDenied
TurnerGregory Eugene24225006/04/2024Cullman, WinstonGranted
WilkersonGene Dillard II28016406/04/2024MobileDenied
WilsonJagger Matthew33353906/04/2024FayetteGranted