‘We’re Just Trying to Help’: Pell City and Ashville Field Offices Encourage Positive Client Changes

By Matthew Estes, Communications Director

ST. CLAIR COUNTY – On Wednesday, September 7, I visited the two Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles field offices in St. Clair County. The Pell City office is located downtown at 111 20th Street North, while the Ashville office is located just outside of downtown at 35755 U.S. Highway 231. Together, these two offices provide convenient access for local probationer and parolee needs.

In Pell City, Officer-in-Charge Chris Regular sat down with me to discuss his passion for using moral reconation therapy. MRT is a method to develop better decision-making skills with probationers and parolees. “It teaches you how to rethink the way you think,” said Regular.

Regular also complimented each of his staff members, detailing areas they excel: “It’s nice when everyone knows what they’re doing, and they do it really well.”

In Ashville, I spoke with Officer-in-Charge Marlon Gladden, who has a genuine heart for helping the population his office supervises. Gladden has an extensive history in law enforcement and regards his position with the Bureau as a unique way to encourage positive change. “Being on this side of the supervising process is gratifying,” Gladden said. “We’re just trying to help.”

Gladden also spoke about the professionalism of his team: “Everyone here genuinely likes each other. It is really a family atmosphere.” Through visiting these two offices, it is clear the needs of probationers and parolees are being met by employees who work well together and have a desire to encourage improvement.

The Bureau has 62 field offices, serving all Alabama counties. Field offices function as a local base of operations for Probation and Parole Officers, specialists and other support staff. Officers are required to make various contacts with probationers and parolees based on their risk level. These contacts range from a monthly office visit for lower risk individuals to weekly office, home, employment and curfew checks for higher risk individuals. In addition, officers are tasked with various types of investigations requested by the Bureau or courts, as well as assisting other law enforcement agencies when needed.

Employees from the Ashville Field Office.
From left: Administrative Support Assistant III Danielle Poe, Officer-in-Charge Marlon Gladden, Specialist Senior Megan McClendon

Employees from the Pell City Field Office.
From left: Officer Timothy Smith, Administrative Support Assistant III William Warren, Specialist Lori Francis, Officer-in-Charge Chris Regular

Ashville Field Office exterior.

Pell City Field Office exterior.

Pell City Officer-in-Charge Chris Regular.

Ashville Officer-in-Charge Marlon Gladden.

Pell City Officer Timothy Smith.

Pell City Administrative Support Assistant III William Warren.